Hui o Hawai‘i Welcome BBQ 

Every summer, Hui o Hawai‘i  hosts a beach barbecue on O‘ahu to welcome new students to Oregon State University.  At the barbecue, Hui o Hawai‘i officers, students, and families get to meet one other, play games, and eat local food.  Students from Maui and the Big Island also participate in this welcoming celebration by attending smaller Hui o Hawai‘i luncheons or dinners on their islands.

Aloha Pizza Reception

Hui o Hawai‘i invites Hawai‘i and Polynesian students and families to join us for pizza at one of the dining centers on campus.  This event is usually held the Wednesday before school starts, so most students come and meet each other for the first time.


Welcome Back BBQ 

The Welcome Back BBQ is held the Saturday before school starts.  Upperclassmen, underclassmen, and their families come to meet new people, play games, and eat free food.

APA Connect

During the first weekend of school, all of the Asian/Pacific American organizations, such as Hui o Hawai‘i, Hmong, Japanese Student Association, etc., get together to welcome new students, show them around campus, and introduce them to their organizations.  Students meet at the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) in the morning and participate in festivities, including a scavenger hunt, all day long.  They end the night with a great dinner.



Big Braddah/Big Sistah Orientation and Retreat

Hui o Hawai'i invites all Hawai`i and Polynesian students to join us for an orientation and retreat held at Peavey Arboretum Forestry Cabin. This event allows each student to connect with returning and new students, while learning some tips to be successful at OSU.  During this fall term event, Hui o Hawai‘i upperclassmen, or "big braddahs and sistahs", are each assigned a freshman to mentor and help around campus. Transportation and dinner is provided by the club for this retreat.

Corn Maze

For Halloween, Hui o Hawai‘i members meet at the APCC in the early evening to watch a scary movie before heading out to a haunted corn maze.  The maze is designed out of corn that stretches over seven acres.  The 2009 corn maze design was of a cowboy saddling his horse, and the 2008 corn maze design was of a tractor working down the fields with the silhouette of a barn and sunset. 



Shopping Trips

At least twice a year, Hui o Hawai‘i takes students on an all-day excursion to a large mall and Asian superstore.  Places where Hui o Hawai‘i has shopped at includes Washington Square Mall, Lloyd's Center, Tanger Outlets, Uwajimaya, Fubon, H Mart, and more.

Hui o Hawai‘i Holiday Party

Before everyone leaves for Christmas Break, Hui o Hawai‘i hosts a holiday party, where everyone celebrates the holiday season with food, games, and gifts.


Ski Trip

During Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, Hui o Hawai‘i members and friends go on a ski trip to Mount Bachelor.  The club rents out beautiful cabins in Sunriver, Oregon for two nights.  On Sunday, everyone gets to either ski, snowboard, or go tubing.


OSU Lu‘au

Hui o Hawai‘i has been hosting the OSU Lu‘au for 55 years.  Over 1000 guests come to Gill Coliseum in late April to eat Hawaiian food and enjoy a Polynesian show and concert.  Students, families, and friends in the community come out to dance and volunteer for lu‘au.  It is a very big production.  About 100 dancers start practicing in January, and over 100 volunteers put in hours of work to support our lu‘au.  Some of the bands that have performed in the past include Ekolu, Natural Vibrations, Ten Feet, Ho‘onu‘a, Fiji, Koa‘uka, J Boog, Laga Savea, and more.


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